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What We Do

The Aging and Cognition Lab (formerly the Amnesia and Cognition Unit) is a neuropsychology research laboratory in the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona, dedicated to studying memory and memory disorders. Our main focus is on understanding the cognitive and neural bases of different kinds of memory and how they are affected by normal and pathological aging or by brain damage. We are particularly interested in how medial temporal and prefrontal brain regions interact to produce a variety of memory behaviors. We are also interested in the rehabilitation of memory disorders and in devising methods to enhance memory abilities in older adults and in individuals with neurological damage.

Our Location

The Aging and Cognition Lab is in Room 251 of the Psychology Building, at 1503 East University Boulevard. We are on the University of Arizona's main campus. If you have a browser that supports graphics, you can look at a map of the campus.

If you're traveling to the campus for a pre-arranged testing session, remember that you can park in the lot that is immediately east of the Psychology building. We have to give you a parking pass, so let us know when we're scheduling the session if you need one.

To get to the psychology building, take Campbell to the campus, and turn west down the mall (at the University Blvd./3rd St. traffic lights). Drive along the Mall (through the Cherry Street intersection), and then turn north into the Psychology parking lot.

Remember, if you are using a browser that supports graphics, you can take a look at a map of the U of A campus.

How To Contact Us

Our mailing address is: The Aging and Cognition Lab
Room 251, Psychology Building
1503 East University Boulevard
P.O. Box 210068
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0068

Our telephone number is (520) 621-5721, and our fax number is (520) 621-9306.

You may also contact the lab directly at amcoglab@gmail.com .

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