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Current Projects

Current projects include studies of well-being (see below), hearing (see below), source memory, emotional memory, and self-referential processing. Populations studied include normally-aging older adults, those with mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, and individuals with memory disorders resulting from neurological insult including traumatic brain injury. Although our approach is primarily cognitive and neuropsychological, we collaborate with others in the department who provide converging or supportive neuroimaging evidence for our studies.

Neuropsychology of Memory and Aging

We also have an ongoing longitudinal study of normal aging in which we are tracking changes in neuropsychological performance and brain integrity (using MRI and DTI) as people age and the variables that moderate those changes. This work is done in collaboration with Professor Lee Ryan who is the Director of the Cognition and Neuroimaging Laboratories and provides the neuroimaging component of the project. We are also active participants in the Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute which is dedicated to the study of normal aging and the factors that distinguish normal aging from pathological aging. Other collaborators in the department include Professors Alexander, Kaszniak, Nadel, and Rapcsak.

Mind Crowd

Read about our MindCrowd project in the news! Check out these articles! UA News: Help Beat Alzheimer's With the Click of a Mouse. Arizona Daily Star: UA researchers seek participants for Alzheimer's risk study. Check out a recent video regarding MindCrowd that was aired by Arizona Public Media! Arizona Public Media: MindCrowd. For more information about MindCrowd and how to get involved, visit the main website at MindCrowd.org

Hearing Study

We are currently working on a study that looks at hearing, cognition, and everyday functioning. Adults age 65 and older with and without hearing loss may be eligible for a research study examining the relationship between hearing impairment and cognitive and psychosocial functioning. For more information, please call (520) 621-5721 and ask for Suzanne. Read more about a sister study to this project here! UA Researchers Seek to find if Better Hearing may Halt or Reverse the Slide into Senility.

Well-Being Study

We are examining the relation between well-being and a number of outcome variables including cognitive, emotional, and daily functioning in older adults (65+). Participation involves completion of cognitive and emotional tasks in the lab, some questionnaires at home, and a 6-week well-being training that would take place in the home via the internet. This study involves four separate lab sessions, two of which last approximately 2.5 hours and two of which last approximately 30 minutes. As we recognize this study is very involved we are offering $100 in compensation. If you are interested in participating please call us at 520-621-5721 or email Angelina Polsinelli at apolsine@email.arizona.edu.